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Rail passengers protest against fare increases

Protesters gather outside Bristol Temple Mead Photo: ITV News

Rail passengers are protesting at stations across the region over the latest increase in rail fares, which has been described as "another kick in the teeth" for commuters.

The average increase of 2.3% came into force on Monday morning, and has led to outrage among campaigners who argue the service has become more unreliable.

Lianna Etkind, of the Campaign for Better Transport, said: "Many experienced a less frequent and more overcrowded service last year, and now they are required to pay more for the same this year. The whole fares system is completely unfair and its high time the Government overhauled it."

Campaigners outside Exeter St David's

A new study has found that rail fares have increased twice as much as wages and inflation over the past decade.

Action for Rail, a campaign by rail unions and the TUC, point to the UK's privatised rail service as a key driver of costs. Many European countries have largely publicly-owned rail services and lower costs for commuters.

On Tuesday crowds gathered at Bristol Temple Meads, Exeter, Taunton and many other key stations, meeting at rush hour to highlight the rising cost of getting to work.