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27 years of burpees - Bristol's oldest gym class

Len Williams' class isn't for the faint hearted! Photo: ITV West Country

For the last 27 New Years - people with resolutions have been coming to this circuits session. Len Williams' class is one of if not the oldest in Bristol.

Len had a new participant this week, our reporter Rob Murphy!

You stick at New Years resolutions by regularly attending, making friends trying new classes - you can always find something suitable for you.

– Len Williams, Instructor

The class is at Easton Leisure Centre on Thrissell Street in Bristol, Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm.

Meet some of the attendees:

Keith's been coming here the longest. Credit: ITV West Country

Keith says:"I can't do gyms, they're just too boring for me! I need to train with other people and a lot of people here I've trained with for 20 years. Not only that Len is very motivating!"

Judah is another long timer. Credit: ITV West Country

Judah says: "I've been coming here for over 20 years, the reason I come is because I believe that sports help to increase your life expectancy."

Credit: ITV West Country

Amanda says: "There's no frills, there's no music, there's no fashion pressure or to have to compete, it's just an old school workout and a bloody good workout! I think it's really good for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing."

The class changed David's life, he hasn't always been a personal trainer. Credit: ITV West Country

David says: "I used to work in an office job and I wasn't very fit so I came here. I then got into the fitness industry myself. The instructor Len has been a great mentor."

Working out with others is the key! Credit: ITV West Country

Helen says: "It's good because it's a group activity so other people motivate you and having an instructor like Len pushes you further."