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Autistic boy speaks first words after learning to sing

Musab sang the months of the year at a concert. Photo: ITV West Country

A nine year old autistic boy who had barely spoken a word has surprised his teachers and family by starting to singing for the first time at a school concert.

Musab Mohamoud used to rely on symbols and signing to communicate until his school in Bristol introduced him to the world of music.

Musab is now improving all the time. Credit: ITV West Country

For his whole life Musab had barely uttered a word. Diagnosed with autism - his communication was classified as 'non-verbal'.

Watch Musab as he sings the months of the year; the song may be simple but for Musab this performance is nothing short of remarkable:

The Principal at the school said Musab was keen to sing infront of an audience, there were more than 100 people in the crowd.

When Musab started at Venturers' Academy in Withywood he wouldn't even step into the classroom and had to be taught away from his peers.

Since the concert he's surprised everyone around him and his speech is improving all the time.

The change shocked his father who wasn't sure if Musab would ever start to talk.

Musab's teachers are now working with him to develop his new found vocabulary. What started as a love of music has helped this young boy find his voice.