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Dying woman fighting to raise ovarian cancer awareness

Gill Harler from Weymouth knew something was wrong for three years before doctors finally realised she had a large tumour.

She now knows it won't be long until the cancer she's campaigning for us all to be more aware of claims her life.

Since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer nearly six years ago, Gill's been determined to help other women get diagnosed early.

I'm really proud now of what I've achieved, especially when I look at all the younger women who are dying from this disease.

– Gill Harler

Common symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

  • increased abdominal size
  • persistent bloating
  • persistent pelvic and abdominal pain
  • difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
Gill's designed handy handbag-friendly cards listing the symptoms. Credit: ITV West Country

Two hundred and fifty thousand symptom cards have been sent out to places like GP surgeries, pubs and shops.

Gill says: "If this works, it will get women diagnosed earlier, it will also make GPs aware of the symptoms.

"Everybody knows about breast cancer. You know you can feel for a lump, you know you can try save yourself, but with Ovarian Cancer, how do you do that? You don't know what you are looking for, you can't feel the symptoms, you don't know what you are looking for."

Gill on Lorraine last year. Credit: ITV West Country

Last Autumn Gill was recognised as one of Lorraine's Inspirational Women of the Year for devoting her dying days to raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

Credit: ITV West Country