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Swans found decapitated in Exeter

The dead birds were swans like this one photographed at Abbotsbury Swannery Photo: PA

Two swans have been found decapitated in Exeter.

Police say the death of one of the birds "appears to have been a deliberate act."

Devon and Cornwall police received a call from a member of the public who had seen the body of a swan on the footbridge near to Samuel Jones Pub, on the Quay in Exeter on Wednesday.

Environmental Health attended to collect the animal who raised concerns over how the swan had died.

Exeter City Council says a second decapitated swan was brought to their canal office.

"That anyone could harm these beautiful and much loved birds in this way beggars belief.

"We would call on anyone with information to contact the police so that the perpetrators can be be brought swiftly to justice. Killing wild birds is a crime under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and people who do so could face a £5,000 fine per offence or up to six months in prison."

– Tony Whitehead, RSPB