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Triple amputee former Royal Marine to feature in documentary

A former Royal Marine, who was the first triple amputee from the war in Afghanistan, is about to feature in his own documentary in an effort to inspire others.

Mark Ormrod is hoping it'll not only answer many of the questions he is regularly asked, but will also give hope to those struggling against adversity.

Mark Ormrod with our reporter Jacquie Bird Credit: ITV News

For the best part of the next year, Mark is going to be filmed as he goes about his everyday life as well as while he gets on with extraordinary things.

It's all for a documentary he's making himself, with another former Royal Marine, Matt Elliott about his life called No LIMBits.

Mark says that he is hoping that he will be able to answer some of the questions that people have.

"I remember 9 years ago being in the hospital bed with hundreds of questions and no one to ask them to."

"What I am hoping is that this film can be for people the exact thing I was looking for back then. To answer questions, give some motivation, show what is actually possible"

Mark lost three limbs in Afganistan Credit: ITV News

It's not like Mark hasn't had an extraordinary life already. He was the first serviceman to lose three limbs in the conflict in Afghanistan.

He was told he'd never walk again, but not only has he walked, he's cycled and he's run and he has plans to attempt the Invictus Games this year.

He said, "I live my life in a way where everyday I want to improve, even if it is by 1%, I want to get better - everyday that little bit."

"It's going to eventually take me to very good place where I will be what I deem to be the ultimate version of myself."

After being told he would never walk again, Mark has walked, run and cycled

A proud father of three, there's no doubting how important Mark's family is to him. Amongst so many other things, this film will be his tribute to them.

Mark said, "one of the things I am keen to do with my children is I want to teach them things through my actions rather than through my words."

Mark launched a crowdfunding bid to get the funding for No LIMBits, the target has already been smashed, well before the deadline at the end of the month.

Mark said, "I don't want to get to the end of my life and wish i'd done this and wish i'd done that and have any regrets. I have a huge attitude of gratitude and that is what drives me."

The next task will be for him to find a suitable platform to show the film on - but with this former serviceman, there really are no limits.

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