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Will The Exeter Falcons find a new base in the city?

Fans of the speedway team The Exeter Falcons are hoping they will make a comeback to the city.

They operated at the County Ground Stadium from 1947 until 2005. It's hoped finding a new site for a speedway track will give The Falcons a permanent base once again.

Credit: ITV News

In the next few days it will be the anniversary of what's thought to be the earliest Speedway meeting ever to have taken place in the West Country. 11,000 people packed into Exeter's County Ground on March 9 1929 - the city went on to have a successful team.

In 2005 speedway fans came from far and wide for the last ever meeting in Exeter. The County Ground had been used as a circuit for more than 75 years. The ground was redeveloped for housing.

The former stadium groud was redeveloped into housing. Credit: ITV News

Despite the stadium no longer speedway is still well known in the city.

Falcons fans have looked at the prospect of building a new track but have so far not had any luck.

Fans say the 88th anniversary of speedway taking place in Exeter is special. And they're confident that by the time of the 90th the sport itself will have a new base in the City.