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Hundreds of ladies over 65 needed in new film starring Joan Collins

Mad Dog Casting is currently looking for 400 extras for a new film starring Joan Collins and pop-star Pixie Lott.

The casting company is particularly interested in lots of ladies aged 65 and over - especially those who can sing.

The musical is due to be filmed in Devon, around the Sidmouth area. They're searching for a mix of people to be in the background of scenes. The film will be set in two time periods - the 1940’s and now.

A new musical, starring Joan Collins and Pixie Lott, is set to be filmed in the Sidmouth area. Credit: PA

Anyone who applies will need to be free in the week starting Monday 27 March, when shooting is set to begin.

Applicants will need to a give a current colour photo and some basic measurements to the casting company.

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