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RAF Chinook airlifts Sea Harrier 'jump jet' to new home

A challenging and unusual task faced the engineering team at Aerospace Bristol, they had to move large objects into the new museum site.

One of these large objects being a member for the Jump Jet family, a Sea Harrier. The team called on the RAF to ask if they could help move the Sea Harrier.

The Sea Harrier is a member of the Jump Jet family. Credit: ©MOD Crown Copyright

A Chinook helicopter was drafted in as part of a training exercise and airlifted the Jump Jet across Filton airfield into the historic hanger. The jet will be part of the Aerospace Bristol exhibition.

RAF Chinook was drafted to help in the complex operation. Credit: ©MOD Crown Copyright
Credit: ©MOD Crown Copyright

The Sea Harrier needed to be transported across a railway line but there was no road bridge wide enough for it to cross. The RAF provided vital support in the successful lift.

Getting the opportunity to assist with a complex operation of this nature is a challenge, but one for which the unique qualities of the Chinook helicopter, and it’s highly trained Royal Air Force crews, are ideally suited.

– Wing Commander Steve Bell, Chief of Staff. RAF Odiham

The Sea Harrier’s new home is a 100-year-old grade II listed hangar which started life as part of an Aircraft Acceptance Park in World War One. This is where engines were assembled and tested by Royal Flying Corps engineers, then handed directly to flight crews who flew them to the front.

Hangar 16S was later home to RAF 501 Squadron, who were then sent to France as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force in 1940 and saw distinguished service in the Battle of Britain.