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Steepest A road in England needs German machine to resurface

The steepest stretch of A road in England is closed this week as it's being resurfaced.

Porlock Hill in Somerset is so steep that it has been used as a challenging feature on the Tour of Britain cycle race in recent years.

Credit: ITV News

In fact, a paving machine has been brought in from Germany to replace the old worn out tarmac, as a regular machine might struggle on such a slope.

The caterpillar tracks on the German machine will give it the extra grip required to do the job properly, whereas one of the regular machines with wheels might struggle.

The German machine has caterpillar tracks to help do the job properly. Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

The A39 is the main road along the coast of Exmoor between Lynmouth and Minehead. It is completely closed for the week to get the job done. The road is being surfaced in an anti-skid, high friction surface which is used on bad skid areas.