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Service to be held for baby who died from Sepsis

William Mead died in 2014. Photo: Family

Tomorrow Melissa Mead and her family will celebrate the life of her son William at a special service at Truro Cathedral.

William died from Sepsis in 2014. Melissa calls him the little boy with the captivating smile.

Through his death, William Mead has become the face of a high-profile Sepsis campaign.

Melissa Mead. Credit: ITV News

Melissa said, "We're here because of the little boy who lived and he's so so special and actually we want to celebrate his life because he's given us so much and he's given us as a family."

"We just want to be able to share that with people and also for them to be able to talk to us on a more personal level."

Melissa and William. Credit: Family

When one year old William died from Sepsis in December 2014, doctors involved in his care and the NHS 111 service failed to diagnose the serious infection, which took his life.

Since then his mum has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of Sepsis.

Melissa and husband Paul have invited other families who've been affected by the condition to a special memorial service at Truro Cathedral tomorrow.

Truro Cathedral. Credit: ITV News

Roger Bush, Dean of Truro Cathedral, said "Melissa and her family have been very courageous in using William's example to raise awareness of the dangers of Sepsis in a very positive and very constructive way and I think that ironically gives this service a sense of hope."

Melissa has another little boy in her life now, 6 month old Arthur.

Melissa said, "He's our little ray of hope, he's the best medicine. We can't, you can't fill a hole that has been left by someone that is irreplaceable but he can help to heal, you know and William lives on in him and us and all the people that he's helped."

"It's about bringing William forward and using his memory for something really positive and I can't wait for Arthur to be old enough to be able to say hey this is your big brother you know and I think that's so special."

Melissa's 6 month old baby Arthur. Credit: ITV News

Melissa's mission doesn't end here - She's been offered a job with the UK Sepsis Trust and will keep on campaigning in William's name.

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