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What's going on with the weather at the moment?

Credit: ITV News

Such variations in our weather during the month of March. Fog, mist and low cloud one minute, heavy downpour the next, and then an absolutely cracking weekend just gone.

The one constant thing has been the temperatures. They have remained well above the average for this time of year. Tomorrow (Thursday 30 March) we'll probably have the highest temperatures so far this year. ...17 degrees plus.

So why the changing weather? It's down to the very mobile jet stream which has gone from the north of England to a route further down to the south. That has allowed the stream of low pressure systems to track around with the jet stream. Combine that with the influence of big high pressures - they have fended off a lot of frontal systems - and you get the the broad range of conditions.

So wet and windy running up to the coming weekend. Then an unstable Saturday with heavy showers. But then it tuns around dramatically on Sunday when a ridge of high pressure builds in to settle things down. Calm with sunny breaks and slightly cooler.

Easter is generally considered the start of the tourism season. Businesses here in the west depend on a good beginning to kick off the upcoming holiday time. Its a bit early to say how Easter will pan out but we will keep you in touch on how the weather is panning out.

Credit: ITV News