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Drug dealer inspired by names from 'The Wire' jailed

Raphael Castillo was sentenced to five years in jail. Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

A drug-dealer in Yeovil who used the names of characters from the TV series The Wire has been jailed for more than five years.

Raphael Castillo, 29, was the leader of an operation to supply drug dealers form London with rented properties in Yeovil to distribute class A drugs.

He admitted to being concerned in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine and possession of criminal property between March and September 2016.

He had registered a car in the name of Marlo Stanfield - the ruthless head of the fictional Stanfield Organisation - and a mobile phone in the name of Avon Barksdale, another drug dealer in the Baltimore-based TV show.

Castillo used the names of characters from 'The Wire' for the operation Credit: HBO

Castillo was arrested in London in December and was found to be living a life of luxury at the property.

Officers uncovered his lavish lifestyle by finding luxury goods including a £7300 Rolex, a backpack worth £2000, trainers worth around £1000 and £3000 in cash hidden in a speaker in the boot of his car.

Castillo was ordered to pay back nearly £13,000 although officers estimate he benefitted from his crimes to the sum of more than £70,000.

the value of a Rolex found in Raphael Castillo's London house.
the value of a backpack also found there.
in cash hidden in a speaker in the boot of Castillo's car.

DC Richard Grierson, who led the investigation, said:

Raphael Castillo was undoubtedly the leader of this county lines drugs operation.

He fancied himself as a gangster figure and registered a vehicle in the name of Marlo Stanfield and a phone in the name of Avon Barksdale, both fictional drug dealers from US TV series The Wire.

All the dealers working for this county lines operation were from London and have come to Yeovil to deal large quantities of class A drugs from rented properties.

It cannot be seen as anything other than a lucrative money-making operation with a clear hierarchy which was headed up by Castillo.

They were extremely well-organised and while we don’t know the value of drugs they’ve supplied, we believe it will be substantial in terms of quantity and value."

– DC Richard Grierson, Avon & Somerset Police