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Historic May Fair cancelled after council say plans weren't 'safe'

The historic May Fair in Devizes has been cancelled Photo: ITV News

A historic May Fair has been cancelled because organisers say they've been burdened with too much red tape.

The Devizes fair has been held for three decades. But the Lions Club says Wiltshire Council has burdened it with too many demands, so they have had to call the event off.

Wiltshire Council say the plans couldn't guarantee a 'safe' event Credit: ITV News

It has also been incorrectly reported that the event was cancelled because it didn't have an adequate terror attack plan.

The Council maintains it must keep people safe. The organisers say the risks haven't changed in the last year - so why has the council's demands?

Roger Stratton, who is President of the Devizes Lions Club says it's sad that they've had to cancel the quintessentially British event.

Wiltshire Council says it has a responsibility to ensure events run safely in the county.

“We have a responsibility to ensure events are run as safely as possible and that the people organising them are aware of what they need to do to make this happen.

“We have supported and worked closely with the Lions Club over the years with their event, however this time we felt their plan couldn’t guarantee a safe event. We explained what they would need to do to improve their plan and offered to support them as much as we could. The plan is standard for this type of event and we need to ensure that the organisers can make sure the event is safe and well managed.

“The Lions Club decided not to go ahead with this year’s event because as they explained to us, they did not have enough experienced members to run it. In addition, their members informed us they are already busy with a range of other springtime activities. We would be happy to work with the club to help them plan the event in good time for future years.”

– Spokeperson, Wiltshire Council