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Sex of Paignton's newborn giraffe revealed

The keepers have only now revealed the giraffe's sex. Photo: Paignton Zoo

The giraffe born at Paignton Zoo is thought to be a girl. The calf was born to mother Sangha on the morning of Wednesday 19th April.

Kisses from Mum! Credit: Paignton Zoo

Keepers are now 99% sure that the calf is a female.

Although she is just two days old, she’s already being described as lively, boisterous, bold, confident - and, of course, incredibly cute.

She has long wobbly legs, a big soft nose and the biggest, darkest eyes you’ve ever seen. She is a totally gorgeous youngster!

– Phil Knowling, Paignton Zoo

The Zoo’s giraffe house may be closed to visitors for a few more days while mother and calf bond but the zoo says the public will be able to see the calf very soon.

giraffe calf to be born Paignton Zoo in 7 years.

Paignton Zoo is part of the European Endangered species Programme for the Northern giraffe, which is officially classified as Endangered.