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It's a tight squeeze for the coach driver who gets stuck in St Ives!

Bit of a tight squeeze! Photo: Clive Oxley

A holiday coach driver as regretted listening to his sat nav after getting stuck down a narrow street in St Ives.

Don't think a three-point turn is going to work here! Credit: Clive Oxley

Traffic was backed up behind the unfortunate coach which was jammed between buildings for about an hour.

The Wheal Briton Holiday coach got stuck at the bottom of Windsor Hill while trying to get round a tight corner.

Traffic was blocked for more than an hour as the coach driver scrapped round the bend and smashed the back end of his coach into a granite wall.

The driver had to attempt a twenty-point turn to free the coach. Credit: Clive Oxley

One eyewitness said the driver had to carry out a 20-point turn to free the vehicle, scrapping the passenger side and smashing the back end of the coach on the driver's side into a wall.

In the end another coach driver came to the rescue and helped a fellow driver out.

Credit: Clive Oxley