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Heartache for dog owner as Alabama Rot comes to Gloucestershire

Boe has been diagnosed with Alabama Rot. Photo: Jasmine Smith

A woman from Gloucester is sharing her story of heartache over the illness of her dog, which has been diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease.

Jasmine Smith has taken to Facebook to spread awareness of Alabama Rot which her beloved dog Boe is currently being treated for.

Jasmine and Boe. Credit: Jasmine Smith

Jasmine usually walks Boe in woodland near Drybrook in the Forest of Dean. A post she put on Facebook warning other dog walkers about the disease has been shared by more than two thousand people.

My dog is currently being treated for Alabama rot which has caused acute kidney failure and is very poorly.

We walk our princess up the woods in Drybrook - please take care and be aware that Alabama rot is in the Forest of Dean.

It's unlikely to catch it but my dog has and it could be your dog.

– Jasmine Smith

The causes of Alabama Rot, or CRGV, are currently unknown and the disease does not seem to distinguish between different breeds of dog. It is most commonly picked up on paws and legs on muddy woodland walks so vets advise washing your pet thoroughly after such walks.

What are the signs?

  • a skin sore, usually below the elbow or knee that appears as a distinct swelling, red patch of skin or is open and ulcer-like.
  • within 2-7 days affected dogs show signs of sudden kidney failure which can include vomiting, reduced hunger, unusual tiredness.
Credit: Jasmine Smith

Vets 4 Pets map out confirmed cases but clinical advice is to contact your vet if you believe your dog may have contracted the disease.