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Five to Follow: Introducing Yeovil

The West Country was once the Liberal Democrats heartland. Paddy Ashdown first allowed that yellow bird to fly in Yeovil.

When Parliament was dissolved for the 2015 General Election, the party had 14 seats in the West Country. Now, it has none.

According to the maths, Yeovil is the safest Conservative seat as this was their largest majority when they took it from the Lib Dems in 2015. 24,178 total votes were taken by the Tories, 42.5% share of the votes.

Credit: ITV West Country

The Lib Dem candidate is Jo Roundell Greene - she goes up against the Conservatives' Marcus Fysh and Labour's Ian Martin. Yeovil remains a target seat for the Lib Dems ever since David Laws was beaten by Marcus Fysh two years ago.

In the Brexit referendum, Yeovil voted to leave.