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Swimmer completes fourth swim in Oceans 7 challenge

Endurance swimmer Beth French has successfully completed the latest leg of her epic 7 Oceans challenge.

The 38-year-old from Milverton in Somerset, has crossed the eight mile channel crossing of the Gibraltar Straight between Spain and Morocco. It's the fourth in her series of swims, which began in September 2016 and will finish this summer.

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To date, only six people have completed the Oceans7′s gruelling list over their lifetime. One woman managed four in a year. Beth is tackling all seven of the epic swims in a single 12 month period to become the first person in history to complete Oceans7 as a swim series.

For the challenge, she has to cope with water temperatures ranging from freezing to exhaustingly warm, as well as rough seas, fickle weather, strong tides, vicious currents, busy shipping lanes and wildlife - that hopefully aren't too unfriendly.

What's even more impressive is that Beth is a ME survivor - she was diagnosed at 17, when she was forced to use a wheelchair, but has recovered to become a record breaker.

The Oceans7 Swims - three still to do:

  • North Channel (Great Britain & Ireland)
  • Catalina Channel (USA)
  • Molokai Channel (Hawaii)
  • Cook Strait (New Zealand)
  • Strait of Gibraltar (Spain & Morocco)
  • Tsugaru Strait (Japan)
  • English Channel (Great Britain & France)

It has been announced that Red Rock Entertainment will be making a documentary about Beth French's Oceans7 challenge.