Wood's what if? Will the security agenda sway voters?

  • Monday 5th June - 3 days until the General Election

Normally at this time of an election campaign the main party leaders would be touring the country trying to visit as many constituencies as possible, but after another horrific attack in our capital the campaign is restarting and with a very somber tone.

7 people were killed in the attack on Saturday night. Credit: PA Images

Security is at the top of the agenda with Theresa May saying 'enough is enough' in relation to terror attacks and talking about changing the laws. Whilst the other parties are criticising her track record as Home Secretary and a reduction in the number of police officers.

This is the very time that many are looking to our politicians and potential MP's for leadership and ideas how to combat the terror threat. With that in mind though, politicians also won't want to be seen as someone making political capital from the attack.

Armed police guard No.10 during an emergency COBRA meeting. Credit: PA Images

Theresa May has chaired the Government's emergency committee COBRA this morning and will now return to the campaign. Jeremy Corbyn has promised to commission a report into the changing nature of the terrorist threat and says his priority is to keep the nation safe. He has criticised Mrs May for cutting police numbers and says he will recruit another 10,000 more police officers.

Security is likely to dominate the rest of this campaign. Credit: PA Images

The Liberal Democrats are also critical saying the PM must admit to cutting the numbers of armed police. Tim Farron says he would give the police an extra £300m and do whatever is needed to tackle the "scourge of violent extremism".

The Conservatives are critical of Jeremy Corbyn's record on opposing counter-terror laws.

Security is likely to dominate the rest of this campaign but I am sure over the next couple of days other themes will re-emerge.

  • Happening today: The Green co-leader Caroline Lucas is in Bristol campaigning in their target seat of Bristol West. All party leaders have speeches planned today on security and Labour will be talking housing this afternoon.

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