Wood's what if? With less than 24 hours it's the final count down


There's less than 24 hours until polls open. Credit: Jane Barlow/PA

Well here we are, in less than 24 hours the polls will be open and right now the parties last gasp attempts to win over any undecided voters are under way.

All of the major party leaders are visiting a whole raft of key constituencies throughout the day.

Boris Johnson is spending time on his Brexit tour in Plymouth, and the Transport Secretary is in Bath - and may visit elsewhere - while Tim Farron will be in the city this evening.

I'm not aware of any high profile Labour or UKIP visits today, but all local parties are out campaigning, and the Green Party co-leader is in Bristol for a final push.

Theresa May's pledge is Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

The Conservatives are sticking to their Brexit mantra, believing in the part of the country that voted to leave they will gain support for their promises on leaving the EU.

The party is promising to spread the investment across the country, and spent £23bn on investment in housing, research and development.

Theresa May's pledge is "back me to build a brighter future after Brexit".

Jeremy Corbyn say that his manifesto can Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn is cropping up in Scotland, England and Wales spreading a message of hope.

He is promising no tax rises for 95% of people, and to provide billions for the NHS and social care as well as major pledges on education too.

He will say that his manifesto can "transform Britain for the many and not the few".

As for Tim Farron he will promise voters a second referendum on the EU exit deal, and promote his party as the best to oppose a hard Brexit.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Basically there are no new arguments today, just efforts to see as many people as possible.

This election has been like no other in recent years, of course the two horrific terror attacks have rightly paused campaigning and moved focus onto the security of our nation, but also this is an election that few expected.

The Prime Minister said it is all about Brexit, but she hasn't had her own way all of the time, and education and the NHS have come to the fore too.

What has been interesting by its absence, is the topic of the economy, something that dominated the 2015 campaign. Yes it has been mentioned in relation to Brexit, but we haven't seen whole speeches specifically about it.

A crumpled mocked-up ballot paper. Credit: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

While we cannot see the polls as reliable, we can see a trend that Labour's popularity has grown over the campaign. Mainly to the cost of the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats haven't really been seen to rally much.

Needless to say most parties are confident, and I am sure we will see some surprises on election night, but I am not sure here in the West Country there'll be a massive change.

Broadcasters are not allowed to talk politics on polling day. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA

This is my last 'what if' before the election, all broadcasters are not allowed to talk politics on polling day.

I will be back with my final 'what if' just after polls close tomorrow night though, with how it looks like the West Country has faired.

It's almost all over - there's less than 24 hours until polls open. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA
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