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Glider rescued by coastguard after making emergency landing

A glider had to be rescued from a remote beach. Photo: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team

A stranded paraglider who was forced to make an emergency landing near Weymouth had to be rescued by the coastguard over the weekend.

The glider lost lift and had to make an emergency landing. Credit: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team

The full Wyke Coastguard Rescue team were deployed on Saturday afternoon to help a person cut off by the tide at White Nothe, near Ringstead. Crews had to use nearly all their 300m lines of rope to reach the casualty who was caught in one of the most inaccessible areas of this stretch of coastline.

Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team, Lulworth CRT and Weymouth Lifeboat worked together to rescue the glider. Credit: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team

Lulworth CRT and the Weymouth Lifeboat also supported the operation, but the Lifeboat team agreed it was too dangerous to reach the casualty via the sea, as it was too rough. The casualty was unhurt, so the rescue team decided to reach the glider by rope.

It was deemed to dangerous to rescue the casualty using the lifeboat. Credit: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team

The teams then setup a standard cliff top rescue arrangement, directly above the casualty and a technician descended. The extent of the rescue and the amount of rope used meant the rescue team then needed to use the powered winch to recover the casualty and coastguard crew.

A winch was later used to bring the technician and casualty to the top of the cliff. Credit: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team
Almost 300m of rope was used in the rescue operation. Credit: Wyke Coastguard Rescue Team

Once safely back at the cliff top, the casualty personally thanked all team members for their efforts.