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New West Country MPs arrive in Westminster

The West Country's three new MPs. Credit: ITV News

Three new MPs from the West Country have arrived in Westminster as they prepare to take their seats in a new parliament.

Labour's Darren Jones and Luke Pollard and Liberal Democrat Wera Hobhouse will be able to take their seats in the House of Commons tomorrow when parliament reconvenes.

But after a turbulent election left Theresa May trying to keep her grip on power, their stay could be short-lived as the prospect of another election looms.

The three new MPs have already begun to talk about the issues they will be tackling as they arrived in Westminster.

Luke Pollard, the new MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said he wanted to work with the Conservatives to invest £2.5 billion in the railways around Plymouth.

Darren Jones, the new MP for Bristol North West, said he had not slept much and was already working on supporting jobs at Airbus in his constituency after the company said it could leave the UK after Brexit.

And Wera Hobhouse, the new MP for Bath, said she would help the Liberal Democrats provide a 'vociferous opposition'.

For each of the new MPs there are those that have lost their seats including former Stroud MP Neil Carmichael.

He said he had told the Prime Minister the Conservatives needed to reach out to people who voted to remain in the EU when she rung him to apologise for his defeat.