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Boy in scooter accident now urges others to wear helmets

Ethan Crabb fractured his eye socket after falling from his scooter. Photo: ITV News

A boy from Dorset who fractured his eye socket in a skate park accident is urging other young people to wear helmets.

Ethan Crabb from Gillingham recorded a video when he was in hospital and his warning is now spreading on Facebook.

I want to say that you should wear helmets on not just bikes, but scooters, skateboards and even roller blades. I was lucky and only got a fractured eye socket.

– Ethan Crabb

His message, yet powerful - and has been seen by thousands of people since it was recently posted online.

10-year-old Ethan is scooter mad, but at a skate park in his hometown, it went horribly wrong.

I was scooting on my scooter, tried bunny-hopping off that one-foot drop, and went over my handlebars, hit my shoulder then hit my head. It hurt a lot more than it would have done. If I had a helmet on it wouldn't have hurt as much.

– Ethan Crabb
Credit: ITV News

He's now off school and recovering at home. He and his mum, Kate, are keen to make sure other young people don't get hurt like he did.

On a bike we're all very 'you must wear a helmet' but on a scooter because you're on your feet you assume you don't need one. And I thought, no, we need to get this out there, because he was very lucky that he only sustained the injuries he did. He could have been much worse. I'm really proud of Ethan for turning such a negative thing into such a positive thing. I think it's great that hopefully the message is getting out there and it can do some good.

– Kate Crabb

Ethan feels so strongly about encouraging others to wear helmets that he's even telling off his friends if he spots them without one, saying "you don't want to look ugly like me!"

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