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Devon schoolchildren pay tribute to Bradley Lowery

Pupils at Kings Ash Primary School wore football shirts out of respect to Bradley Lowery. Credit: ITV West Country

Children at a South Devon school turned up for lessons in their football shirts, as a mark of respect for cancer sufferer Bradley Lowery.

The six-year-old's funeral was held in the North East today. His battle with the disease has captured hearts around the world.

Pall bearers wore special football shirts at Bradley Lowery's funeral. Credit: PA

Pupils at Kings Ash Academy in Paignton have followed his battle with cancer and today they tuned up in football shirts as a mark of respect and to raise some money for his foundation.

We've spent time in school looking with the children, looking at the life of Bradley and looking at some videos that have been online so the children are well aware.

They've done some creative writing around that which actually is showing quite a good understanding of what Bradley has been through, how his family will be feeling at this time.

Well we wanted to raise some money for charity and, obviously, the sad passing of Bradley Lowery we wanted to make sure it went to that charity in particular because we feel he's contributed a lot during his life and actually he's raised awareness for something that is really important.

– Steven Apps, Kings Ash Academy
No uniform today - and all for a good cause. Credit: ITV West Country

The children have had a number of fund raising events.

"We had an Olympian visit and we raised £800 and we're going to give that to Bradley's charity as well."

"He liked football a lot that's why we came into school with our football shirts on."

"I think he loved just one person that did football and his favourite colour was blue as well."

– Children at Kings Ash Primary

The school will continue holding events for Bradley's charity.

Bradley Lowery RIP. Credit: PA