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Why Exeter's roundabouts are bursting into bloom

Exeter is becoming a riot of colour this summer after a project to introduce wild flowers into every day parts of the city.

Roundabouts, parks and verges have been planted with hundreds of flowers.

Credit: ITV News

It's a joint project between the city council and Devon Wildlife Trust and aims to provide a haven for butterflies and bees.

Credit: Exeter City Council

The Wild City project started with one meadow in 2012 and now has sixty across the city.

We’ve had a great response from people – thankful for bringing natural beauty into the city centre. The resulting blooms have been amazing, so colourful and great for wildlife in general.

– Cllr Stephen Brimble, Lead Councillor for Place
Credit: Exeter City Council

These stunning displays have had such a positive impact on people who live and work in the city. They have also turned our streets and parks into havens for bees and butterflies, providing much needed food for our struggling insects.

It’s a win-win for people and wildlife.

– Emily Stallworthy, Devon Wildlife Trust
Credit: Exeter City Council

The Devon Wildlife Trust hopes that the mini-meadows will inspire people to take little steps to help wildlife in the city, from planting flowers for bees to leaving a bowl of water out for hedgehogs.

(From L to R) Bradley Perkins (Exeter’s Street Scene team), Cllr Stephen Brimble, Emily Stallworthy (Devon Wildlife Trust). Credit: Exeter City Council

The flowers are allowed to flourish between April and August and then the grass is cut either side of the wildflower growing window.