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Tregolls School: from under-performing, to award-winning

A school in Truro, which teaches a high number of children from disadvantaged backgrounds has won an award for how it invests some of its money in their learning.

Winning awards is a far cry from where Tregolls School was 6 years ago when at that time it was put into Special Measures.

Several years ago at that time, the school was under-performing . Credit: ITV West Country

Despite getting into hot water, perhaps one of the most extraordinary things in this school's transformation is that not one member of staff was made redundant.

The same teachers who taught here when this school was one of the 15 worst performing in the country - are the same staff who now teach at one of the best in the country.

The school is doing so well, it currently has around 257 students on its books but come September that's going up to around 300. Credit: ITV West Country

"You're telling people and they're stood there in amazement saying 'Oh my goodness me, you do all that and you don't realise it at the time and then you see the children at the end of the year and you think where they've come from and where they started, and being able to be just a small part of that."

– REBEKAH GRACE, Reception & Year 1 teacher
the number of students the school will have come September, up from 257.
£3 million worth of building work going on to give the school an extra 8 classrooms. Credit: ITV West Country
of children at Tregolls are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

For the so called 'disadvantaged' children, Tregolls gets additional funding - around £1,300 per pupil. How Tregolls has spent that money has been recognised in the 'Pupil Premium Awards' where it's been named a regional Champion.

"We've used the funding for many, many different reasons, last week we just came back from Cologne, we took 8 year old, 9 year old, ten year olds to Cologne for a week and we learnt about manufacturing chocolate from the Lindt factory as well as other experiences, it's important that these children have aspirations and something to work towards."

– MATT MIDDLEMORE, Headteacher, Tregolls Academy
57% of children at Tregolls are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Credit: ITV West Country

The school is adored by the children who were more than happy to tell our reporter Claire Manning what they loved about it: