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Pet chihuahua killed by dog

Chopper was six years old when he died. Photo:

A woman from St Austell has relived the moment her chihuahua was mauled to death by another dog.

Elizabeth Martin was walking 6 year old Chopper on a lead in the Bethel area of the town, when she says they were set upon by what she describes as a 'wolf-like' dog.

Since the attack she's been too frightened to walk along the same path alone.

Ms Martin believes Chopper was protecting her. Credit: Elizabeth Martin

Chopper, who was six, died from what a vet called 'catastrophic' injuries. His lung was punctured and there were bite marks along his back.

Ms Martin says the incident caught her totally by surprise.

"Out from behind a hedge came this huge dog which attacked my dog straight away without any warning. There wasn't even a growl or a bark, he just literally jumped onto my dog."

– Elizabeth Martin

Since the attack Ms Martin has been too scared to walk through the area alone.

She is five months pregnant and says before Chopper was mauled she was scared the other dog might attack her.

Credit: Elizabeth Martin

''I could only see injuries on the top of his body. I didn't realise that the main injuries were all along the undercarriage of his body, so when the vet took a look at him they then discovered all these awful injuries and internal injuries.''

– Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth is five months pregnant. She says she feared the dog may also attack her.

''When the dog jumped up at me I panicked and jumped back, because I thought about my baby. Chopper had come to try and help and distracted the dog so I was safe, but unfortunately he was mauled to death.''

– Elizabeth Martin
Credit: Elizabeth Martin

Ms Martin believes the other dog may have escaped from a nearby garden.

The attack happened just yards from a children's play park and she says something must be done to avoid an even worse incident in future.

The attack happened yards from a children's play park at Chapel Field.

"For the sake of other people, for the sake of other dogs, certainly children, I have an awful feeling something terrible will happen if nothing is done, if the dog isn't muzzled or properly controlled.

– Elizabeth Martin
The attack took place near a children's play park. Credit: ITV West Country

Elizabeth has reported the incident. Devon & Cornwall Police told ITV News it's being treated as a 'dog on dog attack', and enquiries are continuing.