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Mother teaches controversial infant swimming technique after son drowns

Photo: ITV News

A mother from Wiltshire whose son drowned in the family pool is teaching infants how to swim using a controversial technique.

Olivia Rowe's three-year-old son Jack was found dead at their home in Upavon, but she is convinced that he would have survived if he knew how to flip onto his back, as taught in the technique called Infant Swimming Resource.

Jack Rowe died on his third birthday. Credit: Family Photo

The technique originated in 1950s Australia and involves the infant learning to roll onto their back when they need to breathe while in the water.

Olivia now teaches Jack's younger brother Xander and other local children the method. She had wanted Jack to learn but could not find anyone to teach it.

Parents sending their children to Olivia's lessons say their little ones are more confident in the water now.

A foundation set up in Jack's honour is teaching children to swim and training others to teach the ISR technique.

Credit: ITV News

Traditional swimming teachers however, say this method causes children unnecessary distress and may put them off going into the water.

Olivia Rowe says some ideas about the technique are based on myths surrounding it though.

Everyone in the swimming community wants children to learn at a young age but remain divided on whether ISR is distressing, a lifesaver, or both.

Olivia Rowe remains convinced her son Jack would be here today if he had known it.

Olivia Rowe teaches the ISR technique in Wiltshire. Credit: ITV News