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Historic fountain turned into bubble bath by pranksters

A young boy makes the most of the bubbles. Photo: Simon Ellery

A historic fountain in Barnstaple, which dates back to the 17th Century, has been turned into a giant bubble bath after pranksters squirted Fairy Liquid into it.

Bubbles could be seen blowing onto the high-street and square on Wednesday, with maintenance staff forced to add anti-foaming chemicals to the water.

Credit: Simon Ellery

Thousands of pounds has been spent restoring and repairing the fountain, which is owned by North Devon Council. They're urging people not to repeat the prank as it affects the pumping system.

"Although it may seem like a fun prank, we would prefer people not to add bubble mix to the fountain," said Parks Officer Andrew Moulton.

"It takes time and money to fix, as we have to send someone out to add anti-foaming chemicals to the water."

"The fountain is now working well after restoration work last year and we would hope that people help to look after this historic feature."

"The Square is covered by CCTV, which we hope will act as a deterrent."