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Coverack open for business after flash flooding


The Cornish fishing village, Coverack, has been trying to encourage more holidaymakers to visit this weekend, as residents rebuild after the devastating floods of a fortnight ago. Some people may not be able to return to their homes for another six months, but local businesses say it's vital that visitors keep coming.

It's two and a half weeks since flash floods surged through the village on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Today they invited visitors in for the annual RNLI day, trying to make it clear that the village is open for business.

It seems people have been staying away, perhaps feeling they might get in the way of the clear up, or maybe put off by images of flooded buildings and ruined roads.

Some people may have been put off by images of the flooding

But Coverack is a village which depends on holidaymakers and local businesses need them to keep coming. Marshall Daggers shop has only just reopened this weekend:

RNLI day is normally a well attended event in Coverack with rescue demonstrations and boat trips around the bay, They were determined to make this one a day to remember and give the village a bit of a lift.

Rescue displays are put on by the RNLI for visitors

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