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Torbay area benefitting from increase in 'staycations' despite heavy rainfall

Torquay has become one of the top places for staycations. Photo: ITV West Country

Along with a host of major summer events taking place in the south west this year, has come rainfall, with over 31 milimetres falling over St Columb in Cornwall within 12 hours.

Tourism chiefs say continuing wet weather is costing the south west economy £4million a day in lost takings, possibly leading to a total shortfall of more than £100 million over the school holidays.

Yet, Gemma James and her family travelled down to the English Rivieria from Dudley in the Midlands, making them a few out of 4.6million visitors this year.

Gemma James, Carl Whyte and their family are some of 4.6million visitors to the English Riviera this year. Credit: ITV West Country

I've been coming here for nearly thirty years with my Mum and Dad. My Mum and Dad used to come when they were younger. We probably spend a s much as you would going abroad but it's easier with children as well to come some where in the UK rather than going on a plane."

– Gemma James, Holidaymaker

Visitor figures to the Torbay area have increased at a rate of four to six per cent every year over the last five years.

You get your money's worth you get what you pay for you do get your money's worth down here one of them I think it's better to come down here than go abroad to be fair especially if you've got the weather.

– Carl Whyte, Holidaymaker

More people around the UK are choosing to embark on a 'staycation', which is when people choose to remain in the country they live in for vacation rather than travel abroad.

However, weather has always been an important factor to consider. A cruise ship recently had to stop over in Torbay because bad weather prevented it from going into its intended destination at nearby Dartmouth.

One local business owner says world affairs are having a positive outcome for the area, along with resorts offering nostalgic, but contemporary holidays.

There's been a lot of uncertainty since Christmas right the way through the holiday booking period - Brexit, terrorism, just a lot of uncertainty.

We're seeing even a latter booking trend that ever before with people deciding to book and come at the last minute.

– Carolyn Custerson, English Riviera Bid Company

Carolyn Custerson also says local tourist attractions should continue "upping" their game:

"We've been voted as one of the top ten UK destinations by Trip advisor which was fantastic but I urge all the business across the resort to keep focusing on the visitor experience and upping our game on customer service because repeat and recommendation is what we will survive on long term."