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Bridesmaid dresses stolen a week before couple's wedding

A bride-to-be in Plymouth has been left in a flood of tears after discovering thieves had broken into her car and stolen her bridesmaid dresses - just a week before the big day.

Kim Sainsbury had parked her car outside her house in Peverell, at around 11.30pm on Tuesday 8 August.

Credit: Kim Sainsbury

The next morning, she discovered her rear window had been smashed.

"I only thought that a few beer bottles and some loose change had been taken, but on further inspection I realised that two of my bridesmaid dresses have been stolen too.

I had put these in the car that night, ready to take to work in the morning to give to two of my lovely bridesmaids, on going to get these I realised that they were nowhere to be seen."

– Kim Sainsbury
Credit: Kim Sainsbury

Kim is due to get married next Saturday.

Credit: Kim Sainsbury

Kim took to Facebook to try "to see if, by any stroke of luck, someone has tried to sell them".

Police are investigating the theft of the mint green and barley pink dresses, which are believed to cost in excess of a £100 each.

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So far Kim's social media post has been shared over 800 times.