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Molly the dog makes miraculous recovery after being shot at point blank range in Bristol

Molly was left badly injured last month. Photo: Facebook/RSPCA Bristol Branch

Molly, a dog who was shot at point blank range in Bristol, has been recovering well and has now left the local RSPCA clinic.

The animal charity shared new photos and a video of her walking. They say Molly is settling into their Dogs Home, in an isolation kennel. She still remains under observation by vets.

This follows a month of her receiving treatment from vets after suffering injuries to her face and jaw. A number of pellets were also found lodged in her head in an X-ray.

The RSPCA say they will begin searching for a "perfect forever home" for Molly towards the middle of September, after all of her assessments.

Anyone interested in adopting her is advised to look out for more details on their Facebook page. They will be looking for a quiet home, without other animals, where she can "have space to run and explore".

The RSPCA say they will start looking for Molly's 'forever home' mid-September. Credit: Facebook/RSPCA Bristol Branch