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Downs Festival: how Elbow's Guy Garvey handled a streaker who crashed the stage

Crowds watching Elbow headline at the Downs Festival in Bristol got a little more than they bargained for - when a naked man ran on stage.

Dressed only in his socks - the unknown man managed to dodge security and appeared fully nude in front of the thousands of people gathered to watch the set.

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But lead singer Guy Garvey was unperturbed by this surprise appearance - joining the naked man for a little dance.

The pair shared a short dance before security removed the streaker from the stage. Credit: Richard Lawson

The crowd were delighted with how gracefully he dealt with the situation, tweeting their support.

And Mr Garvey even encouraged them to give their performance a little clap as the streaker was escorted off the stage.

A final flourish - Guy Garvey invites the crowd to say goodbye to the surprise streaker. Credit: Richard Lawson