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'No foxes harmed' at Bristol's Southmead Hospital

No foxes have been killed or harmed on hospital grounds, bosses say Photo: PA

Animal campaigners have welcomed the news that no foxes have been killed or harmed on the grounds of Southmead Hospital following a bitter row over a planned cull.

Last month trust bosses sparked outrage by calling in pest controllers after claiming the animals could enter the maternity ward and attack newborn babies.

Thousands of people signed a petition, prompting the hospital to put its plans on hold.

Hospital bosses say they have listened to feedback Credit: ITV Westcountry

We understand this is a very emotive issue and people feel strongly about the welfare of foxes around our hospital.

Action was taken after concerns were raised by senior nursing staff at the hospital about a particular fox near the maternity department.

We would not have been doing our job as a healthcare provider if we had not responded to these concerns, even if the risk is low.”

– Andrea Young, North Bristol NHS Trust
Campaigners have welcomed the news Credit: ITV Westcountry

Animal Aid says culling foxes is a "cruel and ineffective" way of dealing with the problem and goes against official government advice.

We are delighted that Southmead Hospital has confirmed that no foxes will be killed on site, and that they are seeking advice from humane deterrence service Fox-A-Gon.

We thank Southmead Hospital for making this compassionate and sensible decision, and we hope that they can serve as a positive example for other hospitals, companies, or individuals in similar situations.”

– Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid