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Mounts Bay providing 'Herculean' effort in British Virgin Islands

The vessel has been used to transport supplies and personnel. Photo: Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has praised the ‘Herculean’ efforts of RFA Mounts Bay in restoring power and fresh water for hundreds of British Virgin islanders.

The vessel was deployed from Falmouth last week to provide support for the region in the wake of hurricane Irma.

As well as carrying supplies, RFA Mounts Bay has provided fuel for police boats. Credit: Royal Navy

On Virgin Gorda, the third largest island in the chain and home to 4,000 people, RFA engineers worked for four hours in stifling heat to get a power station running again.

The power also meant the desalination plant could be operated providing fresh water to locals.

Marine engineers restored power and fresh water to one island. Credit: Royal Navy

Mounts Bay’s raft delivered DIY supplies including 75 sheets of plywood, 75 sheet of corrugated iron, 100 planks of timber, wheelbarrows and hand tools.

The supplies delivered by the Mounts Bay raft include power tools. Credit: Royal Navy

The ship’s helicopter spent ten hours in Caribbean skies delivering supplies and transporting personnel.

The helicopter flew water and food to Jost van Dyke, an island with a population of 300. Credit: Royal Navy

Captain Stephen Norris, Mounts Bay’s Commanding Officer, praised the efforts of his crew and says their thoughts go out to all affected by hurricane Irma.

I can only praise the professionalism and tireless dedication of everyone onboard. We will continue with this task for as long as it takes.”

– Capt Stephen Norris, Commanding Officer, RFA Mounts Bay