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Sir James Dyson says European Union doesn't want to make deal post-Brexit

Sir James Dyson says his company will continue to create jobs in Wiltshire. Photo: ITV West Country

Wiltshire inventor Sir James Dyson says he does not believe the EU wants to make a deal with the UK over Brexit and instead wants to punish us.

The entrepreneur, who backed Brexit, today opened the company's new Institute for Science and Technology in Malmesbury.

The institute will train dozens of future engineers every year.

Dyson says leaving the European Union without a deal would not be catastrophic for the UK.

I don't think this is falling off a cliff edge. I think if we left without a deal that the Europeans would come back very quickly after that and want to do a deal.

– Sir James Dyson

Dyson's company is a huge worldwide organisation.

The inventor says plans to build global trade links are the correct course of action.

From my point of view I think getting our sovereignty back and refocusing on the rest of the world is exactly the right thing to be doing.

– Sir James Dyson

Sir James says the company will continue to base itself in the West Country and he is "excited about the future" at the company's Wiltshire HQ.

We're developing and exporting technology around the world including to Europe. I'm confident that we can continue to grow, we can continue to train engineers and that we'll create wealth and jobs here in Wiltshire. We've just bought the Hullavington Airport to expand our research facility so I'm very confident about the future.

– Sir James Dyson