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Forces from South West continue to support Caribbean relief effort

As Hurricane Maria approaches, efforts have turned to securing the island. Photo: Royal Navy

Forces from the South West are continuing to support the humanitarian effort in the Caribbean.

Troops of 40 Commando from Norton Manor near Taunton are working against the clock to prepare for the next hurricane.

Hurricane Maria - with winds of 155mph - is expected to bulldozer through the British Virgin Islands in the small hours of Wednesday and the Turks and Caicos Islands on Friday.

Hurricane Irma devastated parts of the region earlier this month.

The commandos have been distributing supplies as well as repairing structures. Credit: Royal Navy

The Royal Navy says 40 Commando and the Royal Engineers of 24 Commando Regiment have prepared the islands' defences by clearing drains to prevent flash flooding, moving helicopters and aircraft away from the danger zone, shoring up power and water pumping stations and making sure the airport is as secure as possible.

Lt Col Paul Maynard, 40 Commando's Commanding Officer says the unit is prepared to face the incoming storm.

We are not going anywhere. It would be immoral and the wrong thing to do to leave these people to face this tragedy without us.

– Lt Col Paul Maynard
The commandos are preparing buildings for winds of up to 155mph. Credit: Royal Navy

Meanwhile, Plymouth-based HMS Ocean is heading to the Caribbean filled with aid from the UK and Gibraltar Governments.

The helicopter carrier is loaded with trucks, food, temporary shelters, building materials and toys for people affected by Hurricane Irma.

HMS Ocean is using complex systems to measure the weather ahead. Credit: Royal Navy

HMS Ocean is following in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the latest storm to pass through the region.

Crew aboard the vessel are being extra vigilant of the weather as the carrier is in the 'hurricane conveyor belt'.

Equipment including weather balloons is being used to monitor any changes to make sure the Ocean arrives safely with its precious cargo.

Equipment including weather balloons are being used by HMS Ocean. Credit: Royal Navy