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Significant rise in children affected by domestic abuse, warns NSPCC

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The number of children in the South West affected by domestic abuse is rising, the NSPCC warns.

The charity says it made 300 domestic abuse referrals to police in the South West alone in the last 12 months. The national helpline, specifically set up for children affected by domestic, is receiving a record number of calls.

One helpline caller said: "“The mother is always covered head to toe in bruises and I have seen both mother and the father screaming at each other in the street in front of the children."

“The father is very aggressive and controlling towards her and the children and I’m worried about what the two children might be experiencing in the home. I have previously seen the father handle the children very roughly and they both seem terrified of him.”

Increase in reports of children affected by domestic abuse in UK, over last four years,
Percentage of children exposed to domestic violence.

The charity is now piloting an early intervention scheme to help families respond calmly to conflict.

NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless said, "domestic abuse can have a huge impact on a child's physical and emotional wellbeing, and this sharp increase in reports shows that more people are speaking up on behalf of frightened children living in violent homes."