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Man who fell down a mineshaft in Cornwall says he's "amazed he survived"

A firefighter and paramedic were lowed into the mineshaft as part of the rescue operation Photo: Credit: Cornwall Search & Rescue

A man who was rescued after falling 15m down a disused mineshaft in Cornwall has thanked those who saved his life.

Andrew Williams fell into the shaft near St Just on Sunday. It sparked a huge rescue operation, involving more than fifty people.

Emergency crews spent several hours trying to free him from the pit. A firefighter and paramedic were lowered on ropes so they could assess Andrew's condition and give him first aid.

Andrew was taken to Derriford Hospital where he is now recovering from his ordeal.

Writing on Facebook, Andrew said: "I would like to thank everyone involved involved in yesterday's operation to rescue me safely from the mine."

"Firstly I am amazed that I survived the initial fall, I put this down to a full rucksack that took the brunt of the impact and saving me from banging my head, and secondly to have had my guardian angel watching over me."

"The professionalism and knowledge of the teams that risked their lives to get me out was amazing. I had many dark moments down there waiting to be rescued, but by me trying to keep calm and focus my thoughts on my family and friends it got me through it."

"I'm currently awaiting surgery for a broken pelvis, so hopefully will be back walking soon. Many thanks to everyone that was involved in rescuing me and without a doubt saving my life."