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Charity that offered Grenfell residents Cornish break is planning another visit

Families who have been on the trips say it is a form of 'natural therapy'. Photo: ITV West Country

A charity that offered Grenfell Tower residents a break in Cornwall says it is planning another visit next month.

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell is appealing for more help from local businesses so that families coming in October can also experience Cornwall's gentle ability to heal.

The charity offered families the opportunity to relax and recover. Credit: ITV West Country

Many of the Grenfell Tower families who have holidayed in Falmouth this summer have spoken of the positive effects of the trip.

''It just helps us forget about everything. Having fun with my mum, I've never seen my mum that excited before.''

''I've felt myself unwind immediately, the knots in my shoulders - the rocks on my shoulders dissipatated.''

10 families have been offered free accommodation in October so far and the charity says more is needed.

We've got a lot of families that really want to come down and I so understand that because they're stuck in hotel rooms the nights are drawing in it's getting darker and there's a lot less to do outside they just want to get away from the tower basically.

– Esme Page, Founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell
The charity wants to offer breaks to more families from Grenfell Tower. Credit: ITV West Country

Sean Cattran lets out apartments in Marazion and has already had a Grenfell firefighter and his family to stay.

''It's not that hard to leave one week aside to have someone come and stay and I think it makes such a difference to the people coming down just to give them a little break. And I think now I've seen how the scheme works and everything I would definitely recommend people give it a go.''

Paddleboard instructor Lawrence Smith has been offering free lessons to Grenfell tower families.

''With one family a mum and her daughter we went out and learnt how to paddle board and very soon they were doing yoga on the paddle board and just chilling out and soaking up the nurturing aspect of being on the water.''

Cornwall Hugs Grenfell says it is still looking for accommodation for families as well as activities for them to do.

We've got another 20 families we'd like to place and particularly we need coastal properties where you don't need a car.

– Esme Page, Founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell

More information about the charity can be found on their Facebook page.