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Rare bat rescued in Somerset

The bat is now recovering well Photo:

A rare bat has been taken in by Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset.

A member of the public found the animal on the ground in the village of Willerton and was later found to be a grey long-eared bat.

When he was brought in, the bat was underweight, dehydrated and unable to fly but is now recovering well.

“Grey long-eared bats are one of the UK’s rarest species with an estimated population of only 1,000 to 3,000. They are mainly found in the south of the country and are part of the National Roost Monitoring Program. This means we had to be very vigilant with this bat as it is very important that it is released in the same place it came from.”

– Daniel Clifford Bryant, animal carer

The bat is now in pen with a female that was also found in Somerset and both will be taken back to their home in the wild this autumn.