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What is going on with the sun today? Your pictures!

The red sun is thanks to dust from North Africa. Photo: Amy / @amyrudge18

By our Weather Correspondent, Kate Haskell.

Not only did we start the day with temperatures of 20°C in some places we also had a very dark, foreboding sky with an orange glow and an orange halo to the sun.

On top of that, we have strong winds to contend with today, reaching 70mph in exposed areas.

Well, ex-hurricane Ophelia is to blame for the strong winds and also the warm temperatures as it drags in tropical air as it passes by.

Flamingo couldn't believe this was the sky at 10am in Bath. Credit: Flamingo /‏ @FlamingoBath
The view from Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. Credit: Aaron Sims

The strange skies though were perhaps a bit more of a mystery. We think this is possibly due to desert dust high up in the atmosphere originating from North Africa, along with smoke from wildfires occurring over northern Iberia.

The sun looking particularly red in Worle, Weston-Super-Mare. Credit: Aimee Tratt‏ / @aimee_louise123
8am in Wiveliscombe, Somerset. Credit: Shelley Marie Stone / @shelleymst79

As ex hurricane Ophelia passes to the west of the UK is it bringing with it air from much further south and this air is not only giving us today’s warmer temperatures but also bring dust with it.

This dust scatters the blue light from the sun letting more red light through much as at sunrise or sunset.

The sun at 10am this morning in Bath. Credit: Flamingo /‏ @FlamingoBath

Measurements from the surface air quality network show no evidence of significant dust concentrations in the air at the surface.

Thankfully, with today's technology, we are able to find out quickly what is happening and why.

Just imagine waking up to those skies some two hundred years ago; you might have thought something very bad was going to happen!

The sun looking very pink in Weston-super-Mare. Credit: Sam Barlow /‏ @__Isa_4
Some say the sun was looking a little Credit: Teign Weather‏ / @TeignWx
We managed to catch a glimpse of the sun from our offices. Credit: ITV West Country
The view of the sun from Marshfield in Bristol. Credit: Lee Tattam‏ / @Baldylocks180
When the sun still looked Credit: Sharon Derrick‏ / @Sharon_Derrick
The view from Calne, Wiltshire. Credit: Daz‏ / @gameon2121
The view from Colyton, Devon Credit: Tim White