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AK-47 surrendered during Wiltshire Police's firearms amnesty drive

Photo: Wiltshire Police

An AK-47 rifle has been handed in to Trowbridge station during Wiltshire Police's amnesty firearm drives.

Owners of illegal guns have been permitted to surrender their unlicensed or unwanted arms and ammunition to police without facing prosecution. They can also do so anonymously.

The two week firearms surrender drive will run from Monday 13 November to Sunday 26 November.

Police say keeping firearms in homes increases the risk of them getting into the wrong hands.

Firearms can be handed in at one of the following stations:

  • Bourne Hill (Salisbury)
  • Gablecross (Swindon)
  • Marlborough
  • Melksham
  • Monkton Park (Chippenham)
  • Trowbridge.
Credit: Wiltshire Police

Police say many firearms are held in "innocence and ignorance" of their illegality or are "overlooked and forgotten" in people’s homes. They say others are merely distributed by criminal networks to "harm, threaten and intimidate" their local communities.

Wiltshire Police is committed to robustly investigating serious crime and protecting the public. The firearms surrender removes guns from the streets, but does not prevent the police from investigating the background to any of the firearms handed in. Where there is evidence to follow up a prosecution the police will continue to do so.

– Wiltshire Police

Station opening times can be checked on the Wiltshire Police website or by calling 101.