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Is this Britain's worst Christmas tree?

Residents of Camborne aren't happy about the Christmas tree that's been erected in the town square. They're unhappy that it's artificial and have criticised its lack of branches and decorations.

The tree also has steel barriers around it in a bid to deter vandals after last year's one was damaged.

A number of people have taken to social media to poke fun at it.

A number of people likened the tree to a Cornetto ice cream Credit: Steve Heller

The festive display was organised by Business Improvement District (BID) Camborne, who said that they were also disappointed but determined not to let it ruin Christmas in the town.

The Christmas lights are being swItched on in the town on Saturday.

"We are disappointed with this year's Christmas tree and have complained to our supplier.

"It certainly doesn't meet the quality standard we had hoped for and expected, but we cannot change it for 2017.

"We did look into buying a real tree, but the total cost of supply, installation, removal and disposal was unfortunately well beyond the budget available.

"There are also health and safety Issues with a real tree in this location which need partner support to resolve.

"Using last year's artificial tree wasn't an option either as it had been damaged from people trying to climb it.

"Given the passion people are showing about the town tree, BID would like to involve the businesses and the public in the tree choice for 2018."

– Mel Martin, BID Camborne