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Five jailed for burglary after bungled getaway

Clockwise from left: Lee Thomas, Thomas Townsley, Malachi Headman-Cook, Miguel Richards, Keiran Maguire. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

Five men who burgled a Co-op store in Bourton-on-the-Water and tried to evade police by speeding up to 120mph in their getaway car have been jailed for a total of 23.5 years.

Four men wearing balaclavas stole thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes and tobacco from the store in December 2016 before fleeing in a VW Golf.

Police were alerted and a high speed pursuit followed which lasted for approximately 20 miles. The Golf raced at more than 100mph along country lanes.

  • Watch the dashcam footage of Gloucestershire Police's pursuit

Dashcam footage courtesy Gloucestershire Police

The footage shows the car stopping and four men fleeing before the driver, 39-year-old Lee Thomas from Gloucester, sped off. You can see the dashcam registering speeds of up to 129mph.

Lee Thomas eventually crashed through a fence into a field and fled in turn. All the offenders were tracked down by police.

Alongside Thomas, those jailed are Keiran Maguire, 27 and of Hazelton close, Gloucester, Malachi Headman-Cook, 28 and of Linden close, Brockworth, Thomas Townsley, 27 and of Tuffley Avenue, Gloucester, and Miguel Richards, 27 and of no fixed address.

  • Thomas Townsley, 27, of Gloucester
  • Malachi Headman-Cook, 28, of Brockworth
  • Miguel Richards, 27, of no fixed address
  • Keiran Maguire, 27, of Gloucester

Telephone tracking was also used to link Headman-Cook, Townsley and Maguire to a burglary at a family run newsagents in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset on 2 November 2016.

The impact their callous actions can have on the victims and their business is huge and distressing.

It was also lucky no-one was killed or seriously injured due to their dangerous attempt at a getaway. Thankfully we managed to track down all of them and we were able to bring them to justice.

– Rebecca Clarke, Gloucestershire Police