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When Plymouth met Bianca: thoughts on the giant statue soon to grace the Theatre Royal

Bianca will stand at 23 feet tall, and cost around £450,000. Photo:

We've been given a behind the scenes look at the giant showpiece statue which is due to be installed outside Plymouth's Theatre Royal.

Bianca will stand at 23 feet tall, and cost around £450,000.

Before that though, she needs to be cut, moulded, and cast:

Best foot forward...

The Cornish born artist who designed Bianca, Joseph Hillier, says the process has been really exciting.

It's really exciting to see Bianca emerging at last from real material having been a sort of tentative model on screen up until this point and now it's emerging as a real thing.

– Joseph Hillier

Influenced by a character from Shakespeare's Othello, Bianca's being made in three factories and costing around £450,000 - money raised as part of the theatre's £7.5 million regeneration project.

But what do people think of her?

The worst thing would be if we heard nothing and no one gave a monkeys about it, so that's positive.

In the months before the Angel of the North was erected, 90% of people interviewed didn't want it, they went back 10 years later and interviewed the very same people, and all but one had completely changed and said it was the best thing that had ever happened in the area and they would fight to keep it where it was - let's see what the people of Plymouth think.

– ADRIAN VINKEN, Chief Executive, Theatre Royal

The final phase of Bianca's construction will be when the moulds are cast in bronze at a foundry in Wales.