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Orphaned swan finds a new home ready for Christmas

Cygneture move: Solo takes to the water on the Somerset Moors. Credit: Secret World

An orphaned swan has been given a new home and new companions after being rescued from a road in East Huntspill.

The cygnet was brought into Secret World after the family of five were hit by a passing lorry. Solo - as he's been called - was the only survivor.

He was treated at the Quantock Veterinary Hospital in Bridgwater and then taken to the wildlife rescue centre where he joined two other cygnets, Grace and Drift.

Your IKEA delivery is on its way. Credit: Secret World

The trio have been released at Chilton Moor Bridge on the river Huntspill, where a wild flock is already in residence.

Experts say young swans regularly settle on the Somerset Moors over the winter season to mature and meet other swans.

We always aim to return animals back to where they have come from, but Solo, being on his own, has gone with his new friends Grace and Drift to the Somerset Moors.

– Laura Benfield, Head of Animal Care Services, Secret World
Three swans about to be swimming. Credit: Secret World

Staff at Secret World hope that Solo will have a family of his own before too long but he is definitely no longer alone.