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Council urges people to send electronic Christmas cards to cut waste

People in Gloucestershire are being urged to send festive greetings via email - instead of sending the traditional Christmas card.

The county council says it could help cut down on paper waste, after figures show that in the UK we throw away a billion cards every year.

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Christmas cards have been sent since the Victorian era - and the trend took off, with adverts reminding people to post their cards on time to arrive for Christmas.

Would you miss the traditional card? Credit: Pathe

But now, people can send their festive greetings within seconds, with the arrival of e-Christmas cards.

It's a service that is often free to use, and wastes no paper, which is why Gloucestershire Country Council is urging people to adopt the practice.

Would you like to get an e-Christmas card?

E-cards can be wonderful, they can be interactive, they can be funny and they convey just as much of a personal message.

You still have to choose the card, put your personal message on there, but it doesn't take up any natural resources.

– Cllr Sue Coakley, Chair, Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee

But some charities rely on Christmas cards to generate funds.

The Cobalt unit in Cheltenham buys and operates sophisticated medical body scanners.

They recycle cards and and sell them, raising over £30,000.

Christmas cards being recycled and sold for charity. Credit: ITV News

Here's what Christmas shoppers thought of the proposal:

So should we stop sending so many traditional christmas cards?

Those who want to cut waste say there are a billion reasons why we should.